Terani Couture 1921M0510

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Terani Couture 1921M0510

Collection: Evening by Terani Couture 2020

Colors: Royal . 
Size: 0-16.
Ships within 1- 12 weeks. Worldwide.

Dramatic off shoulder cuff gown with heavy beaded side and slit skirt gown.

  • Fabric: Taffeta
  • Silhouette: Short Sleeve, Русалка, С разрезом
  • Care: Dry Clean Only.

Terani Couture Таблица Размеров

Бюст, см838588909398100105110118126131136
Талия, см64666971747781869199107112117
Бедра, см90939598100104108113118126133138144
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