Shail K 12208

Изумрудное Сексуальное Платье в V-Образным Вырезом

340,00 $

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Shail K 12208

Collection: Shail K Dresses  Prom 2019

Colors: Black, Red and Emerald.
Size: 0-16.
Ships within 1-2 weeks. Worldwide.

This exquisite creation from Shail K. showcases an embellished halter v-neck bodice and an open back. It also features a matching embellished waistband detail that enhances your waistline while sheer layers flare out from the waist down to form a full gathered skirt that reaches the floor. Wear this classy number to an evening formal or pageant for a strong commanding presence. Choose among bold colors of red, black, and emerald.

  • Silhouette: Halter, Sleeveless, А-силуэт, С открытой спиной
  • Care: Dry Clean Only.

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