Mac Duggal 2097R

Evening Gown Бархатное Платье Украшенное Белой Органзой Поверх Юбки

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Mac Duggal 2097R  is an authorized retailer, We only sell authentic dresses.

Collection: Prom by Mac Duggal 2019 

Colors: Black.

Size: 0-16.

Ships within 1-12 weeks. Worldwide.

Sweetheart black velvet column gown with large white organza over skirt infused with velvet black flowers and upper waist to hip multi bead work.

  • Silhouette: Sleeveless, Sweetheart, А-силуэт
  • Care: Dry Clean Only.

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Бюст, см83858890939598102107112117122127
Талия, см6265677072757781889499104109
Бедра, см8991949799102104109113118123128133
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